Rules and Scoring:

The rules and scoring for wrestling are pretty easy to pick up, but not unless you know a little background.  Here’s where you can find it!  Once you do, you will enjoy watching the matches a lot more.

Click Here for a printable guide to how folkstyle wrestling matches are scored.

Click here for an article with some great pictures that will clarify some of the rules/judgement calls. It is made for the high school level, but there are very few differences in the rules.

Click Here for a printable guide on wrestling referees’ hand signals.


Additional Information:

Click here for a brief article about the differences between the different wrestling styles.

Click here for an article describing why wrestling is such a great sport for young people.

Click here for an article from Forbes Magazine about why former wrestlers make great employees.

Click Here to go USA Wrestlings website.  There is a lot of great information on this site about the sport of Wrestling.